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Welcome to Cronosoft - Specialists in brand new software on cassette for 8-bit computers.


You can buy brand new software on cassette for your Spectrum, Commodore 64, Vic 20, ZX81, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 16/+4, and Dragon 32/Coco from us, and in doing so, you're helping to keep these machines alive. We're non-profit making, but also pay royalties to the game author for every copy sold, and with any leftover money improving what we do. Nobody at Cronosoft takes any payment or wages.

We are undergoing a massive website change at the moment, which hopefully will make it easier to navigate, and provide more information, with a page about each release. At the moment, a lot of the old back catalogue of games is unavailable to buy from the website until it's completed, but you can always contact me, and I'll see what I can do to supply most of them. The latest releases are all available now on here, however. There are bound to be bugs in the site at the moment, which I'm trying to iron out.... Check us out on FACEBOOK .... Just search for CRONOSOFT GAMES


New proper webstore - work in progress! 2018 promises to be one of the biggest and busiest years yet for Cronosoft, and new releases for the Spectrum and Next. Lots of new things to look forward to.

AUGUST 2017:

Lots of great new stuff in the pipeline... New games, New special editions, whatever is "Next"? Who knows.... but you'll hear it here first!

We're proud to announce the awesome game IMPACT!, which is our first new ZX81 release for quite some time. Skilfully crafted by legend BOB SMITH, he's achieved what so many others tried and failed to do back in the 80s. An incredibly playable arcade blast.

JULY 2017:

NEW : NOW AVAILABLE: FUN PARK by Jonathan Cauldwell. First released around 2004, and not available for a long time, we're proud to announce a special edition just for you :)

An immense game, crammed into just 16K of memory, this will keep you engrossed for hours.

APRIL 2017:

Reissue of classic titles:
Due to popular demand, we're reissuing the excellent games HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY and QUANTUM GARDENING, which haven't been available for a long time. Combining Jonathan Cauldwell's bizarre sense of humour with outstanding originality, these will keep you playing for ages. These are selling like hot cakes - if you haven't got a copy yet, then what are you waiting for?

EGGHEAD - A CRACKING DAY OUT. This game was completed by Jonathan Cauldwell many years ago, and was intended as a one-off special edition, to tie in with the Bletchley Park museum. However, this never happened, and it's here to buy now. Egghead has had five official game outings - this more obscure platform puzzler is a kind of EGGHEAD 5.5 or 5B !

MARCH 2016:

Thank you to
RETRO GAMER magazine and to GRAEME MASON, for their 6 page feature on the history of CRONOSOFT!


Cronosoft is very proud to annouce two brand new Spectrum releases this month. Paul Jenkinson has supplied us with exclusive to Cronosoft editions of the superb games "
DEEPCORE RAIDER" and "TOOFY IN FAN LAND". You can check out the games by clicking on the links, and buy from the shop...

Don't forget, also we have the recent VIC 20 + 16K epic shooter


We're always on the lookout for new games to release, for nearly all formats. If you've written a great new game, or perhaps have the rights to a game that you've had published back in the day, then we'd love to release it. Just email us!

We DON'T require any exclusive rights, just the permission to selling it for a value for money price - you're still completely free to offer it as a free download if you want to, and we'll pay you £1.00 a copy for every one that we sell as a standalone cassette title.

Formats that I have the capability to handle at the moment (I think...)
(Spectrum, Commodore 64, Vic 20, ZX81, Amstrad CPC,
Commodore 16, Commodore +4, Tandy Color, Dragon 32,
Sord/CGL M5, Laser 200, Tandy MC-10, TI99/4A, Oric-1/Atmos,
Sharp MZ-700, Mattel Aquarius, BBC Micro, Atari 400/800,
Sinclair QL, Atari ST)

All of our games sell for just £5.00 .... why pay more ?


Love Cronosoft? Want more Speccy games?
Then don't forget to check out the lovely

Movie premiere of Andy Remic's Spectrum extravaganza, Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict on July 1st
at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge,

Got to meet loads of gaming heroes, including (but not limited to) The Oliver Twins, Jim Bagley
Steve Turner, Kevin Toms, Mark R. Jones, Jon Hare, Ant Harper,
Peter Ward etc.

See here for more pictures....
A C C E P T - N O - I M I T A T I O N S
by Allan Turvey
with additional code by David Saphier
and graphics by Craig Howard

Terrapins is an exciting game, inspired by a classic arcade game of the early 80s, recreated faithfully on your Speccy.

Also includes a free bonus game 'INVAGDERS' on the same tape!

Buyers also are given a unique code to special updated downloads, including the forthcoming 'TERRAPINS RALLY-X remix', and a SPANISH LANGUAGE version, plus emulator versions of TERRAPINS and INVAGDERS

Price is £5.00
plus postage
(£1.00 UK, £2.90 EUROPE
or £3.75 WORLDWIDE)

or to buy more than one game, please instead go to
the shop page....
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by Jonathan Cauldwell

Arcade bubble and fan action fun!

Blow Sir Alan's farty bubbles back to where they belong.

Fiendishly addictive and highly original.

Price is £5.00
plus postage
(£1.00 UK, £2.90 EUROPE
or £3.75 WORLDWIDE)
or to buy more than one game, please instead go to
the shop page....
by Paul Jenkinson

2077: The human race has stripped the planet clean. All power is now supplied by a single conglomerate, DCR Inc.
Nuclear energy became mainstream and a new isotope was identified and quickly introduced into production. By the time DCR realised the danger, it was too late

Arcade action for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K

Price is £5.00
plus postage
(£1.00 UK, £2.90 EUROPE
or £3.75 WORLDWIDE)

or to buy multiple games, please instead go to
the shop page....
by Paul Jenkinson

Space Disposal Corporation was set up to clear away unwanted and potentially dangerous space waste for those planets rich enough to pay for its services.By collecting and harvesting the junk, enough power can be generated not only to drive the collection ships, but also to pay the fees for inter-planetary portal transport. As a new pilot, you are given four planets to clear.

Arcade action for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K

Price is £5.00
plus postage
(£1.00 UK, £2.90 EUROPE
or £3.75 WORLDWIDE)

or to buy multiple games, please instead go to
the shop page....
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Total inc. Shipping
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